Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Griswold's go to India?

So my parents departed for India this evening. It'll will be my father's first return to the homeland in 47 years and of course my mother's first (and presumably only) trip. I still can't believe they're going, as it was a rather unusual turn events which produced this trip. In brief, my father was given the flights, and therefore, I think, felt that this was an opportunity he had to seize. My parents will be joined by my aunt and uncle from the U.K. (my father's brother and his wife), and the two couples are to embark on an organized guided tour of northern India. Details here.

Admittedly, I'm a little envious because my father and I for many years discussed the prospect of travelling there together. In my family India remains a kind of mythical land, which in many ways is described in a manner that invariably no longer exists today in an era of independence. The British left in 1947. While my father was merely a boy when India gained its independence, for a number of years thereafter the legacy of British occupation was nevertheless pervasive. While my dad is eager to return to the land of his birth, he's also concerned that his travels may be better sweet. That is, he worries the India he knew and grew up with will essentially be gone; replaced with either benign neglect or perhaps worse, unrecognizable modernization. Of course, my father's concerns are hardly novel. Rather, his is a sort of lamentation which I imagine is held by all who romanticize colonial rule.

In any event, I wish him luck in revisiting his past and can only imagine the sites they'll all see. Here's hoping I receive an interesting trinket or two from their travels. However, these would certainly suck as would this.


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