Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Hey kids, today's theme is Kosher

Sadly, I lost a masterful post that I had written last night. I had inadvertently closed my browser prior to saving my draft. Ugh, we've all done it in one application or another, but I suppose it's better that it happened with my blog rather than a document of real importance.

Anyway, here's the Cliff Notes version (Coles Notes for my Canadian friends) ...

The post told a great story of how I had dined at a restaurant on Saturday that served only Dr. Pepper and Dr. Diet Pepper, but no other soda, nor tea or coffee for that matter. I'm told Dr. Pepper is a great soda pairing with pork. (I'm not kidding.) See here. Of course, as one who "declines the swine," the whole experience was lost on me.

Further, I recounted how I had run into Victor Williams (who?) from the CBS sitcom King of Queens at a late night bakery in Alphabet City, and in doing so, had come to the realization that television was a crazy machine in that it created in my mind a sense that I had had a previous interaction with this man. Needless to say, my insistence that we had met before, or somehow knew each other was a little embarrassing for both of us, but it all ended nicely with laughter and handshakes.

As far as today goes, I attended an interesting lecture across town on the Jewish dietary laws of Kashrut (or what it means to keep Kosher). It was an interesting discussion, though some of the class' attendees were a little obnoxious with their questions and personal anecdotes.

Here's an odd little video on the subject I pulled from YouTube. It's a little wacky, so prepare yourself. Watch it at least until the 1:45 mark.

Anybody hungry for a salad?


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