Sunday, February 11, 2007

Recommended Reading

On Friday evening I bumped into Canadian author and politico, Irshad Manji. She's something of a minor celebrity in academic circles, as her last book, The Trouble with Islam Today, touched off a firestorm of controversy when it was published in 2003. Shortly after I arrived in Vancouver in 2004 I had the occasion to see her speak at UBC. Her talk was (I assume) part of her book tour, where I distinctively remember her being highly critical of Islamic fundamentalism and the way Islam generally projected itself both in secular and non-secular societies.

Ms. Manji is a very engaging individual, both in person and when addressing an audience. Admittedly, I haven't read her last book in its entirety, but after having met her I'm inspired to pick it up again and suggest that you do likewise. Ms. Manji seemed very genuine when I met her, though this is not my only reason for recommending her book. Rather, I think she has some real interesting insights into religious radicalism that we could all benefit from.


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