Friday, March 9, 2007

My Apologies

My goodness, I see I've not made a post since 2.20.07. How am I ever going to develop a devoted readership with that kind of lack lustre effort? Well, I must say that staying on top of all this blogging business has been very difficult. After all, one can't be pithy all the time.
In any event, I shall try to update my corner of the universe a little more often.

Tyson and Tom, two friends of mine from UBC are coming to visit me tomorrow in New York so that should be fun. Tyson, who's currently in his first year of medical school at the University of Toronto, and Tom who continues to call his childhood bedroom home in his parents' flat in London, England are planning quite an adventure together this summer. Inspired by the actor Ewan McGregor and his trip around the world via motorcycle with his childhood friend Charlely Boorman in 2004, Tyson and Tom have sought out a similar adventure, albeit on a much smaller scale. The inspirational story can be found here.

Anyway, these two clowns over the last three weeks or so have used my apartment in New York as a repository for their gear. Having bought new bikes, they apparently need to be customized to make the intended trip from Argentina to Toronto, Canada. Though I don' t know the precise costs, thousands of dollars have gone into equipment upgrades, such as off roading shocks, new forks and new brake cables, etc.

So, they are making the trip from Toronto tomorrow to collect their bounty, and I'll be glad to get the space back, as their request "Hey Joel, can we ship a box or two to your apartment?" quickly gave way to the proverbial expression "give them an inch and they'll take a mile."
Though in truth it isn't hasn't been all that burdensome to hold their stuff but I'm just cranky - a lot.

Details, which at times read like a Robert Ludlum novel (he wrote The Bourne Identity and the sequels) can be found on Tyson's blog. If nothing else, his pictures from Toronto's snow storm last week are work seeing.

Shabbot Shalom!


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