Tuesday, March 13, 2007

These stories are so wacky, they must be true

A lawyer I know who is several years older than I am is fond of saying that the stories he hears are at times so absurd that they must be true, because lies couldn't be that original. Well to put it mildly, this past week-end gave rise to a number of stories which may challenge that old chestnut of wisdom.

As I indicated the other day, I recently played host to a few friends of mine from UBC, a/k/a the St. John's College Golf team. This motley crew comprised of Tyson, Tom a/k/a the Kid, and Adam came down to New York City on Saturday evening. Again, the reason for the trip was for Tyson and Tom to collect all their motorcycle equipment, which they had had delivered to my place in the proceeding weeks. My apartment was deemed the ideal destination because they wanted to avoid paying the extra delivery fees, which I'm told were substantial.

So sure enough, they arrived close to mid-night on Saturday. Once in my tiny shoebox apartment, they begin to laugh, as upon entry they immediately saw the mass of stuff they'd ordered. It was immediately clear to them that they'd have to unpack the stuff and repack it to make it all fit in Tyson's car. That effort however, would be left for another day.

Saturday night we stayed local and went on a small bar crawl in my neighbourhood. As we began to catch up over a few pints and the agenda of the week-end unfolded, I was told of a scheme that Tyson and Tom had devised, which, if necessary, was going to be employed. It involved getting a refund on a camera that Tyson had purchased from a online store in New Jersey, but that he had had tremendous trouble returning. While here in New York City his plan was to drive to the store in Jersey, which operated a brick and mortar business as well, and either get a refund or exchange the camera. Admittedly, the beauty of this story doesn't lie with the plan, which is fairly pedestrian, but rather with the back story. For some reason, which I must confess is no longer clear to me after a few nights of cocktail sipping, the story was going to involve Tyson being stood up by his fiance, and therefore, needing to return the camera because the honeymoon was no longer going ahead. Both Tyson and Tom both believed that this was a plausible story, and further, it explained why Tom was here in NYC from the U.K., namely, to partake in Tyson's bachelor party. Of course, as I'm sure most of you are aware Tyson is a single as they come. Needless to say, after our 3 hour excursion to Jersey to return the camera, none of Operation Broken Heart had to be implemented. In the end, Tyson elected to tell the truth and the whole thing couldn't have been easier.

As an aside to this past week-end, we were all introduced to a very interesting sports trivia question: Of all the 4 major league sports associations in North America -- Baseball, Hockey, Basketball and Football, name the 8 teams that DO NOT end in the letter "s." Hint: None are football teams. It took 3 of us about 5-10 mins to work it out. No Googling allowed.

Finally, I feel I'd be remiss if I didn't report on Viacom's $1 billion lawsuit against You Tube and it's parent company Google for copyright infringement. The case was filed in the Southern District of New York today. It seems only appropriate that you find out more about the allegations from watching this. Rest assured, further details and commentary will be forthcoming on this case.


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