Thursday, April 26, 2007

A now a message from our Chairman...

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, Officers, Shareholders and members of the Press. In our ongoing effort to entertain our dedicated readers, we here at are pleased to announce a new feature, which, we are confident, will bode well for our continued financial success. While we fully recognize that maintains a fiduciary obligation to our shareholders, we don't believe that the future of our industry rests with complacency.
Rather, we believe our continued success is inextricably linked to self-ridicule and amusement.

Accordingly, tonight we begin a new segment entitled "Favorite trademark of the day!"

Tonight's selection is:

U.S. Trademark - GASSY GATOR. Serial No. 76116312

Goods & Services Description - Nutritional supplements for stomach ache relief in lollipop forms.

Editor's Note: Brilliant choice in a mark, if for no other reason than the visual conjured up by the alliteration is pretty funny to me.


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